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I welcome you to join myself and many others on the path to a more sustainable future. Not just with clothing but with every choice you make. As our landfills are filling up fast its time to make changes . We can start with what we use everyday, water bottles, clothes, and food. We ALWAYS choose the best options for the consumer and for the earth. We use a range of textiles from Organic natural fibers such as bamboo and hemp. As well as Dead stock fabric and recycled fabric made from fishing nets. 

Everything you see in our shop is handmade. From designing to hand picking fabrics, hand cutting to sewing and packing. One woman does it all!

About our dyes

We use Greener Shades Metal Free Dyes, which are Comply with  Organic Trade Association's criteria for organic processing.

There are several benefits from using these types of dyes,First the wastewater from the manufacturing process is heavy metal free and can not be classified as hazardous waste! When we dispose of our dye vat at the end of the process we do not put heavy metals into the ground water. You will not be wearing garments with heavy metals in them. And lastly when the garment eventually ends up in a landfill, there are no heavy metals going back into the ground.

About our prints

We have recently been able  to find a sustainable option for printed fabrics and are so excited to say they will be printed on RecoTEX Fabrics, (plastic bottles) with just as much stretch and support. all dyes are water based in the printed process and all designs are created by artist who literally water color or create these images on the fly, our suppliers selection is updated every few weeks. All artist are paid VERY WELL, and our fabric is made with love and passion. 

All Solid colors are made from Econyl, regenerated nylon (made from fishing nets and ocean waste)